Six Secrets to the Success of the Finnish Health Exercise Method Asahi as a Simple and Safe Way to Promote Your Health!


Everyone values good health. When you're healthy it's possible to really enjoy life instead of just surviving from day to day. You may gradually become used to the changes in your mind and body caused by a stressful lifestyle and forget what it is like to be relaxed, pain-free, carefree... 

The negative patterns may begin to feel so normal that you just give in to the suffering they cause without even thinking about it. Or maybe you feel it would take too much effort to make any changes. This is where Asahi comes in! At the end of this article you can sign up for my free 3-part video course.

1.Asahi was designed to be easy to start, easy to learn and easy to do regularly. It gets to the root of the problem and helps to lower stress levels. You will want to practice regularly, because you feel so good after each session.

2.It stimulates and strengthens the body tissue without damaging anything in the process. 

3.The heart beat stays within a safe range when practicing Asahi, so it is safe for people with cardiac problems, for example.

4.Asahi’s slow gentle movements are done in rhythm with the breathing making it a body-mind practice. Concentrating on the body sensations and the breath gives the brain a chance to relax, reducing stress levels.

5. The flowing, pumping movement in Asahi works to lubricate the cartilage in the joints and in the discs between the vertebrae. This has a healing and renewing effect when done carefully and gently, even for joints that have injuries.

6. Asahi is neither a sport nor a fitness training program, nor is it, in itself, a weight-loss technique. However, even light exercise, when done regularly, can help you achieve weight-loss goals. Asahi was developed within these guidelines of light exercise, creating a safe practice with no negative side effects. 

The Nordic Health Institute was founded in 2020 to support our fast growing Asahi community outside Finland. It is the only organization representing Asahi internationally and is the sole owner of the registered Asahi trademark. 

The purpose of the Nordic Health Institute is to provide a strong, medically sound foundation on which to develop the practice and to provide continuing education for new Asahi instructors.

The easiest way to learn Asahi in its authentic form is to sign up for my FREE 3-part video course where you learn the basic movements of Asahi Series I. 

If you have already taken the free course,  here's a link to my live workshop calendar.Once a year we organize an international instructor’s course in Rhodes, Greece.

If you want to read about my love affair with Asahi, or ways that Asahi has transformed my students’ lives, check out the other blogs on this site. There is also one about the 3 most common mistakes people make in regard to exercise. 

In 2021 the World Happiness Report published by the United Nations ranked Finland as the happiest country in the world for a fourth time in a row. Asahi may not be the only reason for this happiness, but we at the Nordic Health Institute like to think that Asahi has something to do with it!

So, give it a try - sign up for the FREE 3-part video course

Here’s to your health!


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