Rave Reviews from Rhodes

Still trying to decide whether Asahi is the right exercise method for you? Let my students in Rhodes tell you of their experiences with Asahi!

Rave Reviews from Rhodes 

If you still have any doubts about the effectiveness and simplicity of the Asahi method, take a look at the following reviews by my international students in Rhodes:

Barbara from South Africa (living in Rhodes, Greece)

I really enjoy doing Asahi regularly! My friends say I look thinner around the waist now. Asahi isn’t a weight-losing program in itself, but it sure has helped boost my vitality and self confidence. And it gives me so much energy, I can go home after practice and clean the whole house in no time!

Beverly from England (living in Rhodes, Greece)

Doing Asahi builds up so much positive energy inside you and it opens your mind as well. I do yoga and Zumba and other exercise forms, but the amazing thing about Asahi is that it is so much easier than yoga that enough that anyone can do it and still get all the benefits! 

Maria from Rhodes

I became interested in the way Asahi can be used in rehabilitation or with the elderly and arranged a lecture-demonstration by the Asahi developers Geriatric Dr. Yrjö Mähönen and Ilpo Jalamo at the nursing school in Rhodes I was attending. Practicing Asahi has helped me become more flexible and my balance keeps improving all the time! I have recommended it to my son in England, who works at his computer all day.

I fell in a store around Christmas 2020 injuring my left shoulder, fracturing some ribs and twisting my ankle. (The mask I was wearing prevented me from seeing the threshold I tripped on.) I was in a lot of pain, but ten days after the accident I returned to our Asahi group with my arm in a sling and did just as much of the practice as I could without aggravating the injuries. Just watching the others practice seemed to trigger some kind of mirroring that stimulated my metabolism. I got physical therapy specifically for my shoulder, but Asahi’s pumping movements also helped to speed the healing by invigorating blood and lymph circulation. It also prevented the muscles around the injuries from cramping up. I could see improvement with every Asahi session and that encouraged me to keep working at it. I also used the deep Asahi breathing to help manage the pain. The physical therapist said my recovery was quite dramatic. And, to prove it, only three months later my husband and I passed exams to become Greece’s first Asahi instructors!

Nikos, from Rhodes, Greece

My wife started coming to Asahi practices and talked me into trying it. Now we come together. I was surprised at how comprehensive a practice it is. My balance has improved so much that standing on one leg is possible again and moving in general is much easier.  Asahi makes me feel so much stronger!

After my wife’s injury, I felt very stressed. After we returned to Asahi for the first time after her accident, I could feel the tension in my shoulders and back melt away and a feeling of tranquility settle in. When Margaret suggested that we study to become C-level Asahi instructors, I knew that I wanted to share this Finnish health “secret”  with others, especially Greek men, who would benefit from Asahi as a mindfulness practice in addition to the balance, coordination and muscle training. The Asahi teacher certification is a great addition to my credentials as a hotel worker/bartender in the tourist season, and now I can employ myself in the off-season as well. I am also working on my own secret recipe for a non-alcoholic Asahi cocktail...

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